Monday, November 25, 2013

Massively Miniature Art - by Mariah

Today I went to the Metchosin Art Gallery where there was a Massively Mini Art Show on display. We found out about it from our friend Angie who put some of her art work in it. And she told us that it was really cool. So today we went to look at it and there was some really cool stuff there! We saw a lot of mini paintings done in acrylic. 
red bird painting above Mariah's head (she is doing cross eyed)

I was amazed at this one artist did 5 or 6 paintings of the exact same bird with just different backgrounds – 6 times! I just couldn’t believe that – and 3 of them got bought. At first I thought “Why would someone do the same art and put it in the same gallery – make different pieces!” But I also thought “these paintings are cool”. Now, I think it’s a pretty cool idea to do the same art over again with different backgrounds because they are good at that drawing and you want to make other ones while still doing what the artist is good at. 

My favourite piece was Angela Menzies piece – it was a cat with a crown (in the photo - orange background and blue crown) – I really liked that one because it was really beautiful and inspiring at the same time with all the amazing colours. 


jomadill said...

I thought you came up with some very interesting observations and conclusions about the works you saw in the galleries you visited, Mariah! Good for you!
Most people like to work at what they feel they do best, so, as you noticed, you'll find many artists doing "variations on a theme". But then, it's fun to branch out, experiment, and try something new, too. So many choices!!!

DonnaK said...

Boy, some artists sure show patience, don't they Mariah?!! I think you and Makayla will one day be Artists yourself...maybe even own your own Gallery...How fun!

Jo said...

What a cool field trip Mariah! That mini art looks so neat, where you can replace 1 large picture on a wall with many different smaller ones! I can't wait to see what you paint next!

Paula said...

That looks like a really cool art exhibit! I love your observation and thoughts about the "same picture with different backgrounds". I remember reading about one of my favorite artists name Claude Monet, he went to a field and painted a group of haystacks, then he painted them in different light (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.), he painted them in all types of weather and in different seasons. He actually painted about 25 paintings of the haystacks! Isn't that wild! Hope this art helped to inspire you to try something the same! ;)