Monday, November 25, 2013

Very Wooly - by Makayla

The South Shore Gallery is a really nice and awesome place – I was just in it the other day. It was my first time being in there. I really liked all the art that was for sale. The gallery was even more astonishing. How people made fabric art – you could add just a dot of fabric and it was considered fabric art. But if you had no fabric then it wouldn’t be counted as a fabric art. 

I liked that we knew an artist who was in the show because it was like a search and find – cause I got to look for her art – her name is Phyllis Lysionek. I really liked these fabric flowers that you could pin anywhere you wanted. I also liked pin cushions. I really liked this owl fabric picture – it was a landscape with an owl hunting. It was cool.  I was inspired to make some fabric arts – in fact, I am working on a fabric art piece – I am making a picture of an owl out of different fabrics and I will sew them together. My grandma K is helping me with this on Mondays. 

At the gallery I felt inspired, excited and calm. I learned about  owning an art gallery – the curator was there and answered questions mom had. I heard that it can be busy and then sometimes quiet. But when a customer comes in, you can talk to them about the art, especially if you have an art show. It is not a great place to do your own art, but you can do your own art at home. The art gallery’s owner was an artist as well and she had somethings in the show. They were really pretty.


jomadill said...

Galleries really are interesting places to visit, aren't they. It's wonderful, Makayla, that you felt so inspired by what you saw that you wanted to try your hand at it, too! How fun that you can work with your grandma to create your own piece of fabric art:-) Enjoy experimenting with your ideas!!

DonnaK said...

That was a great explanation Makayla and it sure sounded like a great place to visit...very inspiring indeed!

Jo said...

What a neat way to make art Makayla! It's pretty amazing how many different ways you can make art and be creative! I look forward to seeing what you are creating!

Paula said...

Cool! You got to go to 2 different galleries! I love looking at art too! I look forward to seeing what you create with fabric, that's a really neat medium! It is inspiring to know that you can make anything into art hey?! Keep up the creative work!