Friday, January 3, 2014

I have a job! by Makayla

Over the Christmas holidays I painted two paintings for my relatives who bought them!
It was surprising how little work that had to be done on a small painting compared to the big ones!

The paintings that we painted were Peter Rabbit and a Ted Harrison painting! Mariah and I both worked on the paintings! I designed the bottom of the the Ted Harrison painting and I designed the background of the Peter Rabbit painting! ( Except the big tree!)

While making the paintings I felt excited to see how they would turn out and kinda frustrated?!? We had to be very patient with each other!!! Which was because we each had our share of different ideas!

My favorite part was seeing how they turned out and giving my relatives the paintings!


DonnaK said...

Yeah! A surprise on your Blog! Well done Makayla and Mariah on your pictures....Papa loves his painting of the barn and his cat too! what a challenge to paint something together....way to go! we are all grateful that you share your talents with us!

jomadill said...

And what an awesome job you've done, Makayla! What lucky and proud relatives you have!!! You and Mariah are very talented artists, each with your own style and creative ideas. It's a tribute to you both that you can share a canvas with such amazing results!
Happy New Year, Makayla!
Love, Grandma Jo

JeffDaMan25 said...

Great work Makayla! (And Mariah!) Auntie Jo and I really love our painting. I am just finishing up the painting of the walls in baby's room soon and then your painting will go up! Fun!