Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some more videos....

Samantha's video about science

Mariah's piano - Phantom of the Opera

Makayla's audition for choir


jomadill said...

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your posters about the body with us. There sure is a lot to learn, isn't there. The body is an amazing thing and so much is going on that we don't even think about. Happy discovering!

Your video was so well presented!!
That was lovely, Mariah! I enjoyed your playing very much! It is a beautiful melody:-)

You have such a lovely voice, Makayla! Thank you for sharing your song and your hopes with us. Best of luck with your auditions:-)

DonnaK said...

Good work Sam! You're getting to know a lot about the's sure made up of a lot of parts!

Nice going Mariah! I love when you play the warms my heart!! xo

Lovely voice Makayla...I think auditions are hard to do so I applaud you!!

scott kendrew said...

Hi Samanatha
Boy, are you ever learning neat stuff in science about the body.

Hi Mariah
What good piano playing, it sounds like a hard piece to play.

Hi Makayla
I love your singing, you do a great job and a have beautiful voice.