Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Salmon Graveyard - by Makayla

This week we had my friends over and went down to the river to see the salmon spawning. I really liked seeing the fish that close up – you could touch them if you had arms like my dad! It was really cool – we had races with them: we would see whichever one would make it across this really hard rapid. None of the fish that I voted for got through it. I named one Sharon – I sure hope she made it! It was a joke that I named her Sharon because Kahlil and I were ‘sharing’ her!! I really liked doing it with my friends and seeing the awesome fish.

Makayla’s poem from our Salmon workshop:

A Salmon Graveyard
A salmon graveyard
Is a gruesome place
It smells of rotten eggs
There are dead fish everywhere
That seagulls eat
A salmon graveyard is a gruesome place
Bones, spines, skulls, guts, flesh
Memories of childhood splattered everywhere
Love, stories, thoughts that shouldn't have ended
But to think
That it fed all those seagulls, bears, river otters,
It almost lets me forget

All the memories lost.


jomadill said...

Your poem vividly captures the sights, smells, and feelings of both joy and sadness that come with each spawning season. And your description of the game played with your friends reflects the excitement that comes with the salmon's challenge to get up the river.
Good writing, Makayla!...and glad you were having such fun!

DonnaK said...

You made the experience of watching the fish struggle, into a fun game! I think that's a nice way to see them finally make it home...ready to leave behind the next generation of fish! Great poem, Makayla!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Your descriptions and poems brought me right back there to the smelly fish! Don't forget that through all that smelly craziness, a new generation of life is being created! It truly is an amazing process!

poppa m said...

hi Makayla!
The fish really are awesome… at spawning season.
I also enjoy the mud, seagull cries, the Eagles watching and observing the progress of the fish as they swim upstream.
I'm not usually fond of the smell, and a sense of sadness that these fish will soon be dead.
You're right about " all the memories lost"
great description
love… Poppa M

Paula said...

Tyson says: I love your poem! I really liked how you "Sharoned" the fish with your friend!
Paige says: That's really cool I hope to go see that some day. I hope to see you soon :)
Auntie Paula says: What a descriptive poem Makayla! I love going down to the river to watch the salmon... it makes me think of sharks swimming around!