Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choir is so much fun! by Mariah

Choirs songs to watch (click on link)

I love choir because you get to have a lot of fun and you get to express your feelings in the songs too.
Greater Victoria Art Gallery field trip - Urban Thunderbirds/Ravens in a Material World


Paula said...

What a great video!! That was amazing! You 3 are all wonderful singers! And to memorize that much already is great! Is this going to be part of a concert?

jomadill said...

What happy young girls and what lovely voices! Your choir experiences are going to be a whole lot of fun indeed!
You are learning to express yourself in so many exciting ways, Mariah, and your videos will enable us to see you in action. How lucky are we!! Well done!

DonnaK said...

Wow, so many songs already...way to go! I sure hope we get to see you in a concert soon? How fun to see a video of you!!

scott kendrew said...

Hi Mariah.
WOW!!! That was very entertaining to watch and to listen to you. You all have great voices, keep up the good work.

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing your songs Mariah! I really enjoyed watching you guys sing them again just now! I look forward to hearing what new songs you learn next!