Sunday, October 20, 2013

Garden Club - by Samantha

So, there is this club and it is called Garden Club. So we made bird feeders out of milk cartons – so we put some holes in it and cut some windows out – I had 4 windows. And we put a stick through so a bird can stand on it. And we decorate the bird feeder – I put on bird on the front and a bird feeder (as my drawing). And string in the lid. 

We also made pizza in the cobben (cobb oven!). It was so delicious! Mom really really really liked it! 

And we made apple juice – there was this great big machine and we put apples in it and more and more till it made apple juice! Then we turned it and turned it and then we stopped. And then we drank some apple juice. The end! My favourite part was the bird feeder.


jomadill said...

Your story makes the Garden Club sound like so much fun, Samantha! I can almost taste the pizza and fresh juice. Yum!
And the birds are so going to enjoy the feeder you've made! Good for you!

DonnaK said...

That's a lot to do at Garden Club, Samantha! But it also sounds like a lot of fun. I think that the Sooke Garden Club has taught you lots of things. I hope you will always love gardening like your 2 Grandma's do!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Garden club sounds like fun! We like your bird feeder Samantha! Great work. I wonder what the next class will bring?!?! Love Uncle Jef and Auntie Jolene :)

poppa m said...

Hi Samantha!
Your garden club experience sounds like fun. And you made a neat bird feeder!
And then the pizza was made and it tasted good!
And lastly you got to wash the pizza down with freshly made apple juice! A great experience overall.
Good work
love Poppa M

Paula said...

Tyson says: That's really cool Samantha! I want to do that!
Paige says: I love how you expressed what you did and I really would love to make apple juice in that whatever you call it thing! I'll see you soon!
Auntie Paula says: So neat Samantha! I hope I get to see your bird feeder soon! That pizza sounded so yummy!