Sunday, October 6, 2013

Racing Internet - by Makayla

Today I learned how to search the internet for something I needed. I wanted to unlock some characters on Mario Kart Wii. I asked mom on the phone how do you search for Mario kart information? She told me the steps on the phone [open Safari; go to File and open new window; then type in on Google specific what you want] and I looked It up and then I watched a video on how and then I read how to! Then I went to set up the wii but the wii didn’t set up properly. So then I waited until Mom came home, but while Mom was still out I was looking Mario Kart on my ipod – looking at Apps and searching for Mario Kart – and then I found an app that told me how to unlock characters, worlds, and different cars and other stuff that I don’t even know about yet!

I felt really excited looking up the info and proud. I was a little nervous that I would mess something up. I learned how to look things up on the computer. I didn’t mess anything up. And I learned way more than I was looking for! I wonder what I will look up next….


Paula said...

Very cool Makayla! I am still learning ways to look stuff up... maybe you can teach me what you learn some day! Have fun with your new skills!

jomadill said...

Good for you for taking those first steps, Makayla! A computer is such a great tool! Google is like having a library at your fingertips. You are on your way to discovering all kinds of new information! Have fun!!

DonnaK said...

Way to go Makayla! It takes courage to try new things and you are well on your way to new adventures on the computer!

poppa m said...

Hi Makayla!

The key sentence in your narrative was 'I learned way more than I was looking for.'
If you can find that the missing keys for a game… Imagine how you can find missing pieces of information for school and for your own personal learning. For practice you could Google my name or the name of any other of your relatives.

I think you will be surprised with the information you learn.

Very good work… Keep up the exploration!

Love… Poppa M