Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Having Fun in the Fort - by Makayla

Makayla's describing her fort (click on this link)

I love how it feels like we're roughing it outside - using some nails and a big ol' rock!
Garden club- making watering cans!


Paula said...

So cool! That looks like a neat tree fort! Good for you for adding such great details! I like building things too! It makes me feel strong and smart to put things together. Looking forward to seeing it soon!

jomadill said...

Thank you for telling us all about your fun new fort, Makayla, and showing us the finishing touches you have added to make it your special place! You look very comfortable on camera :-) Looking forward to lots more videos!!

Jo said...

What a cool fort! You will have hours of fun in there I bet! I would love to come see your fort close up next time we visit!