Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helping taking care of cute cats! by Mariah

 This week Dad, Samantha, Makayla and I went to a Cat Rescue place and we got to see some very cute cats and kittens. Some of the cats were in cages because they were very scared. And since we were volunteering, when we come back next time, the lady who owned the place said, we’d be working with those cats. We got to see two Siamese cats – they were twins.  And one white fluffly and black cat. There was this cat Georgie who had an ear infection and he was going to have an operation soon. 

I felt really excited to see the cats – they were really really really cute. But one of the Siamese cats bit me twice – ha ha – it didn’t hurt much. Next, we went to go see the kitties – I was excited to see the kitties – and they were all black – my favourite kind of kitty, I think. They were so tiny – they were like 4 inches – I think the runt was 4 inches and the rest were 5-6 inches long. They clawed us because they didn’t like being up high much – it was cute – but their claws are sharp. You have to wear jeans or something thick. 

I learned that there that there are 25 more cats from Shirley (near by town) to come to this shelter. I also learned how nice these people were who were trying to take care of these kitties. All the owner ever did was get up in the morning and CATS – nothing for herself. I thought that she should take a bit of time for herself but I think that is very generous of her. I can’t wait to go see the cats again!


DonnaK said...

I'll bet it was hard to leave those kittens behind, Mariah! What an adventure - seeing all those cats in one place. Isn't it wonderful that people will do such unselfish things like take care of stray animals!

Paula said...

Oh kitties!! That sounds like a wonderful way to help out Mariah! I love kittens too... they are so cute and soft! I think you are right, it is important to take care of ourselves even when we are doing something helpful for others, it makes us more balanced.

jomadill said...

As you learned, Mariah, taking care of rescue animals is a big responsibility. It's wonderful that there are such caring and dedicated people willing to be so generous with their time and energy. It's most special that you want to help in any way you can, too:-)

Jo said...

What a great experience Mariah! I can't wait to hear of your adventures working with the scared cats. Sounds like all they need us some love and you will be great at sharing that with them!