Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interview with Mariah

Interview with Mariah - beginning Grade 5

How are you feeling about starting Grade 5?
I'm very excited! 

What are you excited about?
I'm excited about the writing I am going to do this year. Stories, poems, science...

Is there anything you are nervous about?
I am a bit nervous about how hard math might get.

Who are you?
I am kind. Gentle. Brave. Exciting. Creative. Artistic. Sweet. Loving. 

What is your center (from Rise of the Guardians)?

What is your height and weight?
56" tall and 56 1/2 pounds

What are your dreams?
To dance on "So you think you can dance" tv show. I want to live in Hawaii for a couple of months. And live in a mansion and be rich for a couple of months to see how that feels. I want to have a lot of pets when I grow up. 

What career are you planning to have?
I want to be a dance teacher. I want to be a singer. And I want to be a dancer who performs really fun dances. And I want to take care of animals.

Thank you for your time Mariah - I hope you have a wonderous year in Grade 5!


DonnaK said... are amazing! Sounds like choreography is in your future! You are so talented, I think you can pick almost anything and you'd be good at it! Enjoy Grade 5, Mariah!

Paula said...

Thank you for sharing Mariah! I want to come visit you in your big mansion and when you are living in Hawaii okay? Maybe you can rescue animals there and I can teach yoga classes! I never liked math that much so I understand your nervousness, but I believe in you! Enjoy grade 5!!

jomadill said...

Your caring, creative and passionate nature shines through in all that you do!! This will be another wonderful year of learning!
Love, Grandma Jo