Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interview with Makayla

Interview with Makayla beginning Grade 5

How do you feel about starting grade 5?
Well, I am really excited. When I was in school I never thought I would be in grade 5! I was very excited to imagine myself in grade 5. And now that I'm here, I'm very happy.

What are you looking forward to this year?
I am looking forward to a new dance class, science workshops, art workshops.

Is there anything you are nervous about this year?
Noooope. Not yet!

What qualities do you have as you begin Grade 5?
I am a great dancer, I love to read books. I LOVE to play my ipod. And I love outside. 
I am creative and funny. I am beautiful. 

What is your center (from Rise of the Guardians)?
Awesomeness! Which means funny, creative, awesome and great.

What is your height and weight?
56" tall and 55 pounds

What are your dreams?
My dreams are to help animals and to be on "So you think you can dance?" tv show. I want to spend my time dancing too. 

What kind of career are you planning on?
I plan to open an animal center for dogs, deers, racoons, squirrels, cats, mice, hamsters guinea pigs, fish - any animal that is in trouble. And I would love to be a dance teacher.

Thank you Makayla for your time - I hope you have a fantastical year in Grade 5!!


DonnaK said...

You really DO love animals, Makayla! I hope you get your wish one day!! I love how you described yourself....I would 'second' those comments!! Enjoy grade 5!

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing all of that information with me Makayla! I remember liking grade 5, I really liked my teacher, but I still think your teacher is way cooler :) ALL animals, eh? what about cougars?! I can imagine you rescuing a baby cougar and keeping it as a pet!

jomadill said...

Have a whole lot of of learning fun this year, awesomely funny and beautiful you!!
Love, Grandma Jo