Saturday, October 26, 2013

Science Experiments! by Makayla

The science workshop was really fun. I learned how to make a lava lamp and Goo (known as flubber). All you need to make the lava lamp is a big pop bottle and cooking oil and water and food dye and alkaseltzer. We tried an experiment to see if hot water makes the lava lamp more bubbly. My hypothesis was right: the hot water makes the lava lamp more bubbly. But we also found out… the cold water made it bubble longer! 

I wrote down all the ingredients, I wrote down my hypothesis and I wrote down my conclusion. We keep our science books at Niki’s home. First you pour the hot water (or cold water) into the pop bottle (1 dry measuring cup); then you pour the oil up to where you want your lava lamp to be; then you wait for it to settle; then you put the food dye in – what ever colour you want; then you stir it around with a stick (a stick that you can get dye on); then add the alkaseltzer and it will explode (don’t worry – it won’t explode on your table!) – it actually brings bubbles up to the top of your oil and it doesn’t get out of the bottle (you don’t have to have a lid) and it looks really cool – just like a lava lamp! 

I was really excited doing it and watching it. I really like hanging out with the other kids at science workshop (2 other girls aged 9 and 10 and one older brother who is 13).


jomadill said...

If I had any alka seltzer tablets on hand I would be trying this experiment. Look how happy you are, Makayla! This MUST be fun! Thank you for sharing with us. It's fun to have a hypothesis to test, isn't it. Hope we hear more about your experimenting:-)

Jo said...

wow - what a fun way to learn science Makayla! I've always loved lava lamps but I had no idea that you could make one at home! What cool stuff you're learning!

JeffDaMan25 said...

That's pretty cool! I'd love to try this myself too... but I need more ingredients!

I also wanted to mention that Auntie Jo sliced up the fudge that Mariah and you made and we served it at the beer sharing party I had on Saturday night and everyone LOVED it! They were asking "where" it was made (as if it were made at a fudgery!). It also paired very well with a couple of the dark beers we were drinking. I thought I would pass that along to the two of you. Also, the droppings and rice krispie squares were delicious as well. Yuuuum.

Paula said...

That looks like fun not science! I'm so glad you had a great time making the lava lamp... maybe we can plan a day that you could teach us how to make one, I'm sure Tyson & Paige would love it too! That's some pretty cool learning!

DonnaK said...

The Lava Lamp looks great! I love that you can create something fun out of a Science experiment...not at all boring!! I agree with U. Jeff...the candy was great! Papa and I ate the 4 rice Krispie squares all in one sitting! Yum.