Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Film Artists!

This week Mariah, Samantha and Makayla have made really funny, fun videos.
Our funniest video was when we had someone sing in the background and the person in the video lip sync.  For example, we had Samantha lip sync while Mariah sang in the background.

We also sang some Mariah Carey songs like "All I want for Christmas is you" and Makayla lip synced while Mariah sang in the background. Which I am really good at that! 

We have been exploring video and picture this week and it has been very fun. The app we did it in is called Photo Booth and there are many settings you can put it on. We made quite a few with mirror. Our favourite is mirror.

  1. read here if you want to make a video. 
  2. theres three different ways to make the picture or video you can make one picture into four or take a picture or make a video.
  3. when you pick what your using you are ready to pick what setting you use.
  4. then you take the picture or video and your all done.

Here is the second video: click here


DonnaK said...

Amazing you three! Wow, it looks like so much fun...Papa and I will have to try this sometime..LOL!! Very entertaining!

Jo said...

wow - what fun! You guys sure do some pretty fun and creative things with technology! Thanks for sharing your videos with us!

Paula said...

Encore! Encore! You three are so talented! That was so much fun to watch! I used to lip sync with your mom to music!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Nice work ladies! Its fun being able to use a camera... and then post on the internet! Samantha is a lucky girl to have the two of you singing so beautifully all the time :)

-Uncle Jeff!

jomadill said...

You've heard Poppa and I sing Happy birthday on the telephone…enough said:-)
Wow! You have produced beautiful vocals and wonderfully animated lip syncing while learning to use new technology. How much fun is that!!! Well done, everyone!!!

poppa m said...

Wow…that looks like fun!
And you get to be famous when you post to tube.
Lots of energy and talent.
Great jobs, all.

Poppa M