Monday, November 25, 2013

Some videos of our learning...


DonnaK said...

Holy mackerel - you were all great! Samantha can count in 5's....already?! Wow!

Mariah...good explanation of the clay painting...and cute choices. I have a gift certificate for the same place so I must get there soon!

Makayla...loved your piano playing...I love your choice of Christmas song and you seem to love playing! Way to go...keep it up!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Auntie Jolene and I loved the videos!!
Counting in fives, great work Samantha! Numbers can sure be fun, right Auntie Jo?
Mariah, I loved your clay creations! I think I've only ever done one of those, but I sure enjoyed it. I think yours looked fantastic!
Makayla, the piano was very smooth and beautiful. I hope to hear more of that over Christmas!

We love you guys, see you soon!

Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolene :)

jomadill said...

Well done, Samantha! You made a beautiful chart to help you with your counting!
I am very impressed by your poise in front of the camera. You presented your work so very nicely:-)

What fun things you've made, Mariah! How great is that night light! I'm sure a lot of work and thought went into the painting of each piece…with wonderful results!
I very much enjoy how you present your work on a video. Well done:-)

That was lovely, Makayla! I really enjoyed listening to you play. The music put me in a very happy mood thinking ahead to the joys of Christmas. Hugs!!

Paula said...

Wow! Those were sooooooo cool! It was neat to see you on You Tube!

Samantha - You are so smart! Great job! Keep it up!

Mariah - Awesome clay art! Such beautiful colours. Good for you!

Makayla - You are so talented! I loved listening to the Christmas song, it really got me in the Christmas spirit! Thank you!