Saturday, January 11, 2014

funny charms by Mariah

This week I made some clay charms with my grandma. I had so much fun molding the charms into little animals or into smiley food. The first charm I made was an octopus with a top hat and a mustashe.
.1.roll five balls, one big ball, four small.
.2. turn the big ball into a head shape
.3. turn the four small balls into four snakes and stick two together and then stick the other two together, now you have two wide snakes
.4.then you put the two wide snakes on top of the other to make an X
.5. then you stick the head on top of the
.6. then you shape the X into eight arms.
.7. bake the charm
.8. draw a face.
I felt so happy when we were doing the charms.
I made ten charms my favorite was the flying pig. the flying pig was really fun to make because it was fun to have some imagination and to create a flying animal that does not usually fly.
I also made a multi colored fish and chameleon.


jomadill said...

What a fun project, Mariah! Your step-by-step outline shows you put a lot of thought and imagination into each creation. Great results!

DonnaK said...

You are an exceptionally creative girl. I love your enthusiasm in doing crafts like this one! Keep up the fun!