Friday, January 10, 2014

Are we baking food or clay???????? by Makayla

For the first day of school mom bought us a kit to make clay charms! Mariah and i have been dying to make them so finally mom said why dont you do your clay charms with grandmak so we asked grandmak would do are clay charms with us!!!!
She of course said yes... if she didn't i would not be writing about it!

I was really excited because i had been looking forward to it!
The first step is to make the clay figure you want! ( there was a book with instructions on how to make a dog or a cat!)
Next step is to stick a charm hanger in it. I would suggest you would bunch up the clay around the charm hanger!!!
The third step is to make sure your oven is the right temature. Then you put the clay charms in the oven and wait for 15 minets I think!

While I was making the charms I felt calm and frustrated!?! I felt calm because I LOVE to play with clay!!!!!!!!!! Why i felt frustrated was because I didn't like the feeling of clay under my nails!!!!!!


DonnaK said...

Makayla you were so good at making the charms too! It was lots of fun ... even Samantha did some!

jomadill said...

Clay is fun to work with isn't it, Makayla, and it's obvious you enjoyed shaping and baking all of these cute and colourful charms:-) Good job!