Saturday, January 11, 2014

Journalling - by Samantha

I have been doing drawings for my journal. I’ve been drawing humans mostly and animals – just like tigers, lions – the lions I copied by a snowflake that Mariah did. She made a mistake snowflake and it turned out to be a lion for me! I copied it by drawing.

This is a portrait of Mom, Makayla, Mariah and me. I just watned to do a portrait for mom. It took one day. It took me a while because I lost the pencils I was working with (giggle!). I like that I did framing.

My second one, yup, is a kind of a person. I designed in on my own. It’s a bad guy girl. I kind of did this (made a triangle on his forehead) to make him look bad. It kind of looks like Daedelus (inventor from Percy Jackson). What I like about it is the bad guy triangle.

What I like about this one is I drawed my way. I like that I did a smile. I like how I did eyebrows…oh! I need to add texture to it! (see the eyebrows)


jomadill said...

Oh my, what a delight you are, Samantha!
I love that you are having such a good time with your drawing! Lions out of snowflakes and a triangle on a brow to show it's a bad guy…what imagination! Good for you!

DonnaK said...

Nice drawings Samantha! I see that you are picking up on features on faces....that's a fun thing to learn! Keep up the good work!