Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greek mythology adventures - by Mariah

This week I went to a Greek workshop. I was invited by my friend Pippin to come along. When we got there we met the workshop leader who was pretending to be Athena the wise goddess who is also who I was pretending to be! 

We played a lot of fun games to test our brain and our listening skills. One of the games was to make a marshmallow cage for this ‘elixir of life’ which was a hacky sack. Then the hacky sack ball could not be touched by a mortal hand! So we had to work together to work with strings and pull and move side to side until we got it into our marshmallow cage. 

Another game was Minotaur maze – the workshop leader told everyone to close their eyes and one person was chosen to be the Minotaur and the rest of the players would be goddesses – they would hop on one foot to get to the other side of the backyard, and the Minotaur would have to do somersaults or run across to get there. 

Another fun game was the human knot! We held hands and tried to get undone – it was so much fun! I learned I’m really really good at being a leader and a follower. I like learning with others. I am a very good runner too.


Paula said...

Hello Goddess Mariah! That's sounds like so much fun! I have played the human knot before and really liked it too!

jomadill said...

What a fun and imaginative way to test your thinking and listening skills, Mariah!
It's wonderful that you feel so comfortable in whatever role is required. Leading and following are both important and useful skills! You've always been a good runner:-) Good for you!!

DonnaK said...

What's that? Learning and FUN? You lucky girl! Sounds like you learned a lot in a new creative way! Nicely written up too, Mariah!

poppa m said...

hi Mariah!

First of all I would like to compliment you on your picture… A true Greek goddess.

I am pleased you found that you could learn both as a leader and a follower.

IF You would like to see a picture of me inside the Trojan horse… Tell me and I'll email it to you

Love Poppa M