Sunday, October 6, 2013

Samantha is starting to read! - by Samantha

Here is a video of Samantha reading the beginning page of “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” She chose this book to show her reading ability. The video is 4 minutes long!!

click on this link: Samantha reading!


jomadill said...

Wow, Samantha!! What a great effort! I was really impressed by how well you can sound out the words in your story!!
You are off to a great start with your reading. Good for you!!

Paula said...

That was AWESOME!! Great reading Samantha! Love Dan & Paula!

DonnaK said...

Excellent, Samantha! You are really catching fun to be learning to read already....and only 5 years old!

poppa m said...

Hi Samantha!

First of all I love the picture of you at the beach.

I was very impressed at how you are learning to read,and at a very advanced level. You seem to use your memory as well as new thoughts. It is this discovery that leads to advanced learning of all kinds. Keep up this good work.

Love Poppa M