Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Dream Poem - by Samantha

My Dream Poem
-by Samantha Madill

A flying cat
Jumped out of the bushes
And picked me up – ME!
And it took us away
On a very big hill
And we turned around
It was sunny
It was grassy on the hill
Beautiful sky.
And then she turned into

A person.


DonnaK said...

Great poem, Samantha! You explained it so fun!

Paula said...

Wow! What a fun poem! Good job Samantha!

jomadill said...

What an interesting poem, Samantha!
With just a few words your have told a story and painted a lovely picture. And, just as in a dream, there were surprises :-) Fun poem! Great title!

Jo said...

Fun poem Samantha!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Nice work Samantha! Very descriptive. :)