Friday, January 3, 2014

Where did my teeth go? by Samantha

Over the Christmas holidays I lost a tooth - on Christmas Eve. And then on the day after boxing day, I lost another one! 'Cause the second one had to come out because it was sideways.

I like that I put my tooth in a container under my pillow. I like that I can see my tooth when it falls out. And I can see my new teeth come in. I like that the Tooth Fairy brings me money.

I don't like that it hurts losing it.
My next teeth that are wiggly are my top two front teeth. I'm working on them!


jomadill said...

Look at that beautiful happy smile! This is a very exciting time, Samantha! You are sure keeping that Tooth Fairy on her toes! I can see your little tongue working on those two front wiggly teeth. It won't be long:-)
Happy New Year, Samantha!
Love, Grandma Jo

DonnaK said...

Samantha...look so beautiful with teeth and without teeth! How fun to have the Tooth Fairy visit your home and leave you money! Don't wiggle ALL your teeth!! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

JeffDaMan25 said...

Holy smokes! You're losing teeth like crazy! It's a weird feeling when they are working their way out for sure...

Love Auntie Jo and Uncle Jeff!